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January 2021
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Telluride Wrap Up
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I apologize for not writing sooner, but the library where I had access to a computer, was closed on Sunday and Monday. So, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to blog since my last entry.

We had two other great screenings of the film followed by Q&As in which the audience shared their thoughts, insightful questions, issues, etc. The good news: everyone unanimously liked the film. A fellow filmmaker said that he not only learned fascinating stuff, but that he was also entertained. Even the most experienced film people admitted to being impressed by how thorough we were. The LA Weekly’s Scott Foundas had never heard about Frank Woods, nor his screenwriting credit on “The Birth of a Nation.” Another long-time film fanatic friend was impressed by our choice of rare and not so well known movie clips.

The post screening talks also generated some very fascinating discussions about the state of criticism, where blogs are headed, the world of the Internet, etc. The New York Times Tony Scott commented that there are not only more critics writing today, but there are also many, many more films being released. He mentioned that the Times reviewed something like 200 films in the 1950s; while today, they write about over 600 films.

For Gerry and I, it was so rewarding to see audiences of all ages reacting positively to FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES.  We were so grateful for Tom Luddy and Gary Meyer, current directors of the Telluride Festival, for their faith in our film and for the friendly support of the festival staff and volunteers.  It really was a terrific four days. 

What’s next: Wading through the after-Fest exhaustion, we’re planning to spend the next several weeks processing all the stuff that we learned in Telluride, following up with the many contacts that we made, and reworking our strategy for completing the film.   Of course, we’re both off to the Toronto Film Festival later this week in the hopes of making more connections.

One quick note of thanks:  We so appreciated Mark Shanahan’s plug in Friday’s “Names” section of the Globe, as well as Sheigh Craig’s mention in the LA Times preview article about the festival. We were listed as one of the “most anticipated” docs to watch in the new “Backlot” series.  Pretty sweet!

Coming soon:  I will be posting photos from our trip on our website.  Thanks for reading.  -Amy

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Telluride Day 2
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Our first screening was a success!  We had to turn about 100 people away; unfortunately, the theater was smaller than we thought.  But, people seemed to like the film.  What we’re learning: everyone is a critic; everyone has opinions about what kind of film they would like to see.  And not surprisingly, this was a little jarring at first, even for Gerry.  But, we’re really looking forward to our other two upcoming screenings, each with a Q&A so we can actually hear directly from our audience.

In other news, the films here are just amazing!  We saw Todd Haynes new film about the many personas of Bob Dylan.  Personally, I thought it was a work of genius.  We also saw Jason Reitman’s new film “Juno” and “Margot at the Wedding” by Noah Baumbach, also terrific films.

Well, off for a quick margarita before our next screening of FTLOM. -A

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We’re in Telluride!
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I only have a very short time to write this.  So, I can’t tell you about the gorgeous landscape, or the mountain air, or our amazing drive in through the mountains. 

But, both Gerry and I are loving Telluride.  Our first screening is in 30 minutes, and we’ve been pitching the film to everyone we know.  Last night, we were at the opening night party with Laura Linney, Marcia Gay Harden, Daniel Day-Lewis, Norman Lloyd, Bertrand Tavernier, Ken Burns, and many more amazing filmmakers, film critics, film enthusiastics, etc.  It was hard to get to everyone, but we introduced ourselves, handed out postcards, and encouraged people to come to one of our screenings.  Ebullient is an understatement for how we are feeling.  We are truly honored to be part of this event where people deeply value film.   I’ll report back after our first screening with some good news (fingers crossed!). - Amy


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New postings coming soon!  I promise.  -Amy

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